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  1. Good day. We are in searching of a supplier of VCC /Prepaid Cards/Debit Cards/VBA for long-term cooperation. Requirements for the payment system: 1. UK BINs/Bank-Emitet of UK. 2. The payment method must be opened to the data provided (We provide Name/Surname, DOB, adress and all of the scans needed: ID, selfie with ID, proof of adress). 3. We need the opportunity to get a "bank statement" or cardholder data. 4. The payment method must be rechargable / refundable (using it for gambling). 5. Limits on the active account should be at least $1000 for income transfers(discussed, if we speaks about the VCC). We work only through the escrow. Communication via telegram: @Priveeeet666; jabber: hahaclow@404.city