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  1. [NEED] Dummy EMV writer sw

    How the fuck you're supposed to write the emv card remotely? Добавлено через 2 минуты 23 секунды The website you gave to me in PM is dead, took my money and no product. Their SMTP server is down so you cannot contact those people.
  2. [NEED] Dummy EMV writer sw

    Can you point me to a couple of shops please? Thanks
  3. Cheap hw writer for chip cards

    What is the chepest and popular hw writer for EMV cards?
  4. [NEED] Dummy EMV writer sw

    I am looking for a dummy EMV sw to write chip. (I need source code as well) It can be GUI clone of chipso or x2 or whatever, doesnt matter. VERY IMPORTANT: 1) I DONT expect it to work in real-life, althoug I need the GUI to perform the writing on the chip. AGAIN, whatever is written on the chip it doesnt matter, it can be ANYTHING! 2) It must be virus-free when scanned on virustotal. 3) I will verify with Teamviewer before paying that you actually have the sourcecode and that the sw writes to chip (or we can use escrow) PAYMENT : $150 BTC
  5. atm jackpotting is very easy

    Is it working on ALL diebold and wincor? Even the ones with latest update? If so, PM me.
  6. i need POS owner for big swipes

    PM me. I'm new here as I took a break from any forums since they took down InFraud.
  7. Looking for SIP trunks provider with custom callerID

    Hi, As the title says, I am looking to buy sip trunks for call blasting and lets me choose custom caller ID. Please reply here with your offer.