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  1. Title says it all. I'll buy if you can provide proof of logs. Only need user:pass:fingerpint if you have with security answers big bonus
  2. DEETSSOSA PROUDLY PRESENTS.... Noob-friendly carding guide working August 2019. Applies to UK,USA & Canada. The guide includes 3 sites, 3 different stores. All which sell mid-range designer to electronics. Guide also includes bins respective of country you're based in but some bins work everywhere. (These bins may even work on other sites if you experiment) The price of the guide vs the Return On Investment is x100..... Guide will not burn anytime soon but will limit number of purchases to 5 for now Price:$100 Don't private message me if you're not serious.
  3. UK NON VBV BINS 2018

    I invest every month in experimenting bins and finding new non-Avs
  4. UK NON VBV BINS 2018

    make your own thread
  5. UK NON VBV BINS 2018

    I'm having concrete methods for sites as well as bins to tackle the site/ skip vbv if necessary. nothing is free and I've received a ton of messages asking for hand-outs. I'm selling each method for $250. each method includes the site the bins and recommend place to get the bins also setup as I know some of u noobs are placing numerous orders on one desktop and thinking it's all merry lol. You'll probably see return on investment after first two orders maximum depending on how good you are at reselling.
  6. UK question

    Bro you used to be on alphabay right or am I tripping your username looks familiar
  7. UK NON VBV BINS 2018

    word loads have become OTP but surely there's still bins that can be reset with DOB or straight skippers. PM me if you have this will pay money
  8. UK NON VBV BINS 2018

    Wanna point out a few
  9. UK NON VBV BINS 2018

    Appreciate it will give couple bins a shot despite the article being over a year old
  10. UK NON VBV BINS 2018

    Now I don't expect anyone to willingly just throw their bins out there in the open. especially when you're clearing thousands over a few days etc. I have bins that will skip VBV by simply confirming DOB lucky for me jokers-stash sells these bins in the autoshop with DOB however time after time you get those few occasions where they want to contact the card holder via mobile I've considered sim swapping but the hassle is inconvenient. I hope this thread can bring some seasoned UK carders like myself in order to exchange useful bins/knowledge obviously not in the comments but via PM. I'll kick it off by giving the real noobs some sweet tips. HSBC & Nationwide Bins don't have VBV so its either the payment goes through or it don't period. Best way to have odds in your favor is to ensure the desktop you're using is clean as well as the I.P. If you have solid skippers kindly PM me hopefully we can exchange something which will benefit the pair of us. DS
  11. It's about time the mods regulate this thread. Bunch of jokers
  12. Anyone selling UK paypal accounts

  13. Uk Guy, Uk Fraud

    If anyone knows anyone offering SMS flood service hmu