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  1. 1-Dip Blanks Or Face

    Interesting, I see the same java JCOP cards being sold on ebay however they are not bank cards like yours, don't offer embossing or any of the specialties you offer. I'll be purchasing soon. Anyone with any experience with 1dip as opposed to 3 please share your thoughts?
  2. Generating 101 Dumps for Specific Stores

    Added on tele @Chuanathan Let's chop it up.
  3. PLASTIC 101 / 201 3DIP / 201 1DIP

    I've got a few questions, added you on telegram thanks.
  4. Westernunion Parthern

  5. Cashout 101 201 mix dumps by state cashier needed

    Sent MSG on telegram @Chuanathan
  6. Fswipes

    Add my telegram @Chuanathan I'd like to talk to you about this.
  7. 1-Dip Blanks Or Face

    Explain to me this 1dip bullshit please? 3dip has worked for me in the past I've just been getting shitty bins that are either bank declining or just shitty dumps but I'm sure it's the former.
  8. In-store Carding. 💲Everything You Need to Know

    This is useful, thanks.