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  1. Help Newbie Here

    Hey Guys, Is anyone interested in mentoring? I am not completely new to this. I live in Germany and have learnt alot about carding. I have been carding for some time now but somehow these Nike Products do not bring enough money. Recently i have wasted money buying X2 EMV software, Ominikey 3121 and mrs6 hoping to start using dumps but only to find out that Chip and PIN is in Europe is secure that X2 and other EMV software is a waste of money. Please guys i need someone who can mentor me and teach me more about NFC and other ways to cash out in Europe especially in Germany.
  2. Looking for trusted Dump Shop

    Hey Guys, I am a Newbie and i have been learning carding for 1 year now. I have enough knowledge to start working now. I am currently looking for a trusted dump shop. I need dumps 101 and 201 + Pin. Please help.