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  1. PLASTIC 101 / 201 3DIP / 201 1DIP

    Get verified fuck face clone of blackmass, the ad here is in the air and not official you do clones and put hood feeds beware guys the forum is a scene now and a place for rippers like blackmass and others doing lots of clones do not buy only from verified people
  2. PLASTIC 101 / 201 3DIP / 201 1DIP

    Lol are you clone of the verified seller here u son of cock
  3. PLASTIC 101 / 201 3DIP / 201 1DIP

    You put feedbacks for yourself? Lol
  4. anyone can provide or show me or have PAX offline Pos machine? i need PAX offline software , or malware that can store tracks pin, anyone ever modified PAX machine ?
  5. atm jackpotting is very easy

    Fucking scam shit idiots Добавлено через 1 минуту 29 секунд Many clones of this bullshiter
  6. i need POS owner for big swipes

    so ironic , stupid hater. the software price is 13k pig. never sell software at 6k. tell your stories to someone else. backup your story otherwise go fuck urself pig. next time u wanna call someone a ripper - show it. prove of conv, payment etc. and don't bark.
  7. i need POS owner for big swipes

    chipso is not only for static, and it works by replying digital signature by whats called prep-lay attack. you have to get it from emvchipsodotcom
  8. i need POS owner for big swipes

    why you don't cash out them yourself use chipso emv, i recommend and forget about rats here who talk shit!
  9. i m buying skimmer for pos terminal

    i can use escrow and ur welcome. i got the software price is 1000$ add me on icq 561087169
  10. Audio Decode software

    is moderator allowed to buy and sell in forums? lol because i don't think it's allowed look at your signature :
  11. The real deal EMV SOFTWARE! Seriously!

    @lebowski why the hell you fking bloody shit bear , a broke short piece of shit from mexican shit or any other flooding my thread and you all why you flooding! you were just saying that bhimanyu is a clone or something now you defend him you freak cunt ! who loves you idiot? everyone is talking shit about you! this man's making money bastard and ya' all dying from him https://www.sendspace.com/file/qy8zm0
  12. The real deal EMV SOFTWARE! Seriously!

    you pinpointing on my join date i don't know why and this only the haters do. i have dealt with too many people in other forums joined 2008-9 and they had only 1 post and too many buyers so, why the hate u looking troubles just because u are a hater, wow this strategy is followed by all dumbs haters who dies from real people. your claims are rubbish , the guy's other videos like in china live on pos inserting the card and writing on paper infront the cam " chipso emv prove" what u say doesn't make sense. he showed blank first .. that's how u search like u and haters something because u resell non working shits lol if he holds another card or something doesn't mean not real, he wrote the card and he inserted it. you're english is not even good bro and all what u post here is hate.
  13. The real deal EMV SOFTWARE! Seriously!

    there's a lot hating but this guy proved and showed me lots about his work. too much hating here from so long and jealousy of some resellers of non working shits! no comments no argues the guy is the real deal emv chipso watch https://www.sendspace.com/file/zloffw

    i hear too much complaints about him lately.