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  1. Where to Buy Non VBV Cards?

    Look at the BIG banners everywhere here, there you go.
  2. Don’t Be Selfish NewBee??

    You're forgetting your fingerprints but yes, that is a way to do it. Thanks for the effort.
  3. The Future of Carding. I'm Concerned.

    How many times was carding now supposed to die? Methods change, the game goes on. Rather care that you don't get busted in the next 5 years.
  4. Wrote you on XMPP, hoping you're cheaper than every random "offshore" banking lawyer. If not still interested, in a ton of anosims.
  5. Orion Keylogger 2.1 Cracked

    Probably worse, wanted to spread his virus, on such offers you have to be careful.
  6. I'm interested but if you're concerned about privacy like you claim, why do you use Skype? If you can add me XMPP (look at my profile) because I'd need a little advice, we can surely come into business. Sincerely, sur23
  7. Skrill --> BTC

    Added you on XMPP.
  8. finnbreaske - finnbreaske@xmpp.jp

    Hey, I tried to buy a CC for Google Ads verification, gave him his 10$ perfect money and of course he rips me 10$. Kid should do different things, name: finnbreaske@xmpp.jp ban this kid, he offers here 2 fake services. https://club2crd.cc/member.php?u=154673 https://prnt.sc/lyr9un http://prntscr.com/lyrgfm Process was ETH -> LTC -> Perfect Money, I (and the blockchain) can prove everything this thing is clear. https://ufile.io/t2bbf complete chatlog + timestamps if someone wants to read bullshit.