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  1. New Florida ID template

    Anyone knows where i can get new Florida template psd
  2. USPS question

    yes it does
  3. Looking for zelle method

    need zelle method pm me
  4. How to make ids scan

    AND for MC just type it on the uv layer and space out. M C with the right font that’s what i did
  5. How to make ids scan

    U need asure ID SOLO and the UV layer on photoshop needs to be black or greyscale for it to light up
  6. How to make ids scan

    For the barcode?
  7. How to make ids scan

    What software are you using?
  8. How to make ids scan

    I use transgen n u can buy their modules sometimes i generate myself and wym take the light u mean uv?
  9. How to make ids scan

    What can i use to make ids scan because when i first make barcodes they scan but when i resize for template it’s either it barely scans or don’t at all
  10. Looking for shop w cheap good credit fullz

    are they cheap like how much?
  11. Looking for shop w cheap good credit fullz

    I used to buy from vendor named boomstick on alphabay, anybody know where he at or where I can get fullz for cheap ?? I need plz
  12. Fargo hdp5000 help

    Does anybody know how to make the uv come out yellow or green or how to make uv brighter ? And is there a machine i can use separately to make transparent window like ny ids
  13. How do you login to email w/o tripping security?

    Yeah useragent and socks or rdp but I meant like w/o doing all of that, I heard of thunderbird but idk