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  1. Important For Newbies

    Bro you are 100% right and I'll follow you......... Thanks
  2. dumps on %basis

    Hi, i am from india I need good vendor for dumps that hit good in India I hv around 400 pos in my hand all from hotels, gold shop, shoping malls, I can swipe long time and big amount and I'll send vendors share next day with btc..... Plz contact me interested vendor.......
  3. I need to cash out this type of bin (201+pin)

    Hi, I hv bank drop in India and I am dumps cashier
  4. Looking for partners with bank drops

    Hi, I am from India I hv lots of bank drop plz contact me on my icq 640182017 Thanks
  5. POS Cashout %50 Deal 20k+

    I am from India can ur Amex will work india my jid jon007@xabber.org
  6. Verifone to bank account!

    Can any one hv any idea about how to hack pin pad and modified pos pin pad that will accept any pin like 0000 1111 and pos assume this pin is OK and print receipt... Can anyone make any software like this plz contact me
  7. I have bank accounts

    Hi, I hv bank drop in India
  8. Banks super software

    hi, I hv bank drop in India
  9. Hi, i am from India, i am interested in this job in India NCR ATM and diebold all model r available, so I can work on this malware...... My icq is....640182017 and jid is.... jon007@xabber.org