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  1. The game finally dead men!

    smfh so whats this topic about rn LOL ?
  2. socks or ssh or rdp sservice

    carding btc how possible?
  3. Looking for shop w cheap good credit fullz

    i need fullz plug also
  4. thats what we all up to buddy share if posible
  5. i personally have account on omerta sinse 2014 this is his real thread http://omerta.ws/showthread.php?p=288450#post288450 i never say he is fake just stop given people the fake Uin and jib claiming they are magic send me your username lemme pm you i think someome make this screen for you
  6. let see proove bro stop posting fake comment here digger
  7. shop link not valid bruh pm me the original link need badly
  8. JEF base been shitty lately you can ask anyone on omerta so which jef you using send me contact
  9. where do you buy your fresh RDP, my plug on alphabay is gone
  10. is there any help you need? Pm if so
  11. CHina base good for my area meek/brain/joker are also best plugs for my bin A
  12. i cashout uk 201 d+p in the usa

    I only have luck with china d p and still valid
  13. I have Australia POS and how to use EU & Asia 201 dumps?

    I need a legit explanation for this too